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Warning: This movie contains hard core XXX rated heterosexual acts involving plastic pants

"Hot Sex In Plastic Pants"
55 minutes playing time

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This hot blonde adores the feel of plastic pants rubbing against her clit and pussy lips
Today is the day she wants to share with her boyfriend her love of plastic however she is not sure how he will take it.
Her boyfriend loves her huge natural tits and she loves him fucking her senseless but it she always knew it could be better in plastic pants.
About half an hour before he is due to arrive home she has set up the bedroom, put on a pair of soft, clinging plastic pants under her mini skirt and brought out her collection of plastic pants.
She gets so horny anticipating his arrival she can feel her pussy juices dripping from her cunt into her plastic pants. She can't stand it any longer and finger fucks herself through the plastic until she has the most intense orgasm (..scroll down for more)

Shortly after she cums her boyfriend arrives home. He wants to know what she is wearing and why.
She sheepishly tells him about her need for plastic pants and asks he put on a pair.
Reluctantly he does but soon he discovers the joy of licking, sucking, fingering, grinding and fucking through plastic.
After a long and highly erotic fuck session filmed in explicit detail he cums all over her massive tits.
So now he is converted and wonders now why everyone is not doing it.

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